About Us

Texas AI is a USA based company focussed on delivering RPA and AI solutions to clients across the globe. We provide custom software development solutions and technology consulting services. With a background in delivering enterprise solutions like Healthcare IT, investigative data solutions, platform migrations,, Texas AI has a better understanding of how making sense of data and AI can make a deep impact on your business.

Solutions Offered

Data Science & Analytics

Data Strategy

Business Intelligence

AI Software Development

Artificial Intelligence Consulting

Data Engineering & Architecture

Industries We Serve

Pharma & Life Sciences


Financial services and banking


Client Testimonials

A Healthcare Provider

Great!! We have been noticing this the last few days. This is really well done! I wasn’t expecting it would be integrated into the EMR. I thought we would have to access from a different software. I can’t imagine how much work this was to import all this data. Great job and thank you!

A Healthcare Provider

Client CIO

You are a great asset to us and are always so dedicated. It doesn’t go unnoticed or appreciated. Today is just one of many examples, and can see your late night, weekend efforts for us and how you make our software and company better in so many ways.
Thanks as always.

Client CIO